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We are a full service roofing company that is fully insured, and we make safety and security a priority. Our commercial roofing experience spans two decades and is a valuable asset to our customers. Communication is our greatest strength, because we place a high priority on listening to our customers. Many service companies use slick policies and have hidden agendas, when they deal with the general public. We believe that treating others how you want to be treated is a universal law that cannot be denied or avoided.

That is why we keep our word to your benefit. Our field management is our quality assurance, and our project management is efficient and effective. We have an A+ BBB accredited business rating, and take pride in our work. When we do business with a company we are making a lifetime commitment to the business relationship, and that is why we always answer our phone.

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Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof on a house is a time-consuming but necessary process for most people, as every roof has an expiration.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is critical to preventing roof problems and keeping the roof in watertight condition.


Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced. Roof inspectors are not going to climb up on your roof or the roof of a home you are thinking of buying and pull up shingles or tiles.

Roof Leak maintenance

The source of most roof leaks is hard to find because it originates away from where the leak shows up. In order to find the source of a leak, follow a roofer’s advice and “think like water.”

Green Roof Installation

Green roofs are roofs that are covered entirely or in part with vegetation growing over waterproof layers of various materials. A roof with plants growing in containers is not a green roof. 

Emergency Response 24 / 7

Roof leaks don’t always happen Monday to Friday between 8 and 5. We maintain a 24-hour Customer Service Center for emergency commercial roof repair


An Experienced Roofing Solution company

With More Than Half a Century of Experience And thousands of Innovative

​A Commercial Roofer must follow proper material  requirements during installation. Shortcuts are not an option, when it comes to roofing in the great state of Texas, and any attempts to use inferior product is not a savings. When you select a Commercial Roofer, everything you are trying to cover is at stake.


It’s imperative that you make the right decision, so choosing the right Commercial Roofing Company is vital to your business. Martin Commercial Roofing is confident to meet the challenges of any sized roof, with Over 20 Years’ Experience, and unmatched customer service.

We Strive To Be a Level Above The Competition Work

With More Than Half a Century of Experience And thousands of Innovative

Texas weather is a continuous challenge for Commercial Roofing Contractors, but Commercial Roofing is convinced that the Right Roof for the Building will meet the challenge. The type of building makes a big difference. Humidity levels, weight requirements, and slope of the roof are all major factors.

There’s an old saying heard often in the roofing industry… “A roof accounts for only 10% of the total cost of constructing a building, but 90% of its problems down the road.” Selecting a roof for cost over performance is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s why the Right Roof for the Building is so important.



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We have been in the business for more than two decades and have seen shocking damage within this time. Now, we want to help individuals living under damaged roofs by offering optimal service. We will start your roofing repairs by offering a free estimate. After this, our insurance claim specialists will contact your insurance company and work to get your claim processed in a timely manner. We will work with your insurance company to restore your roof and will try to secure a settlement for all of the damage to your property, not just what your insurance company feels obligated to pay.

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Customer Reviews

“ This company fixed some horrible work that had been done by a previous roofing company. They are true to their work and the only roofing company i use and recommend.”

Kiya senum


“ Excellent work, I had a leaky roof and had it repaired but the previous contractor did a bad job, but theses guys got it right! ”



“ Excellent professional service. They quickly assessed our flat roof and repaired it at a fair price. We bid out to multiple contractors and they were the most professional and best priced. Good quality work. ”

Siya Patel


Behind The Story.

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